Hi,welcome to my blog, my name is Siddharth Shukla . I am a Chip Design/Verification Engineer working in a Semiconductor  IP  firm  in Bangalore. Apart from Technology my other interests include Music,Movies and Investing of course the focus of this blog.

This blog is an effort to bring discipline and conviction in my Investing process and also to  discuss  specific  stock  and investing ideas with like-minded Investors. I have a small cap and micro cap bias as I feel this is an area that offers a lot of value opportunities and the volatility could be  taken  advantage of  by the prepared investor . So I  intend to  discuss  Stock Ideas in the Indian stock Markets and Value Investing ideas in general.

I have invested in the Indian Stock Markets for about 1.5 years using the Value Investing principles of Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, Seth Klarman,Joel Greenblatt etc. Most of  my knowledge comes from  reading   classic Value Investing Books like The Intelligent investor. I feel the Value Investing Philosophy comes naturally to me as I look for bargains not just while buying stocks but buying anything in general.Thanks for dropping by, cheers!